In the name of god

Andishe Pardaz Mahan with aim of active application and up dated computer technology for best usage’s assembling of administration and industrial automation was established.

The first company effort in this direction was design and applying a planning system for resources of an enterprises and remove complete requirement to industrial society.

In this way with aid of expert consultation and dear –sighted in this subject, maximum effort was made for creation of storage, flexible, reliable system.

Result to this effort was a financial integration system, administration and industrial which all capability was predicted and applied.

MAHAN Resources programming organization, in ambition to represent a path of automation, integration and application purpose in Iran comprise as private and governmental enterprises is using advance global according to needs and work culture of organization was designed and developed.

This system with perform of capability and possibility to "EPR" respected systems (enterprise resource programming) and use of productivity from CRM systems (client relation with management) can remove large problems a raised from shortages or weakness of information and automation systems.

Simple definition for enterprise resources is consist of applied programming sets where mechanizes related integration activity to production units, finance, support and human resources and helps managers of organization to control their planning activities.

Nowadays products of organization resources are covering majority on relevant activities in company managements which consist of finance, sale, production and number resources.

In the recent years these systems was expanded fluently in production market, for example security of related management chain, client relation management, data warehousing and stock electronic trade. As usually in the recent time all systems which as enterprise resource programming are entering to the market consist of these systems.

Mahan special privileges

  • checkCapability of use in the network without any restriction to number of users.
  • checkCapability of user’s general access definition and register their activity.
  • checkCapacity of define for unlimited multi company and finance year.
  • checkHarmonize and centralize assembling for different financial year.
  • checkSoftware designing with smart outward, rivals, simple usage.
  • checkComplete integration of group system and sub systems together.
  • checkComplete flexibility of charging execution in the system.
  • checkContact possibility to central office, representatives and factory together.
  • checkInformation conversion for other system to MAHAN system in free of charge.
  • checkAssembling of the system with use of Delphi, SQL server, crystal report soft wares.
  • check All of the soft wares are consist of one year support in free of charge.
  • checkSupporting services are consisting of, installation, training, start up, make to order, system maintenances